How it works -

I recently posted an entry announcing In this post I want to cover how it actually works.

Basic Architecture

The logical diagram below details the basic structure of the application. The core components are;

GithubStatic content stored in github
CodePipelineOn commit to the master branch of the github repo - UI components deployed to S3
S3Static content for the application is stored in an S3 bucket configured for website hosting
CloudFrontEdge location storage, but more importantly, facilitates SSL
Route53Hosted zone for the domain - points to the CloudFront distribution
LambdaPython lambda function to get the latest documentation data and store in a neat JSON file
CloudWatch EventsUsed to trigger the lambda function

Basic Architecture Diagram

User Interface

The user interface is using KnockoutJS to bind all the components together to dynamically filter the data downloaded in the service JSON file. KnockoutJS allows you to tag components as observable; for example, as you update the search text box, the collection behind the table is filtered appropriately.

Finally, for ease (and because I’m no good a UI design), I’ve used Bootstrap 4.0 to make the look and feel slick but easy for me.