Partitioning a large disk in RedHat

For the project I am currently working on, we have an order for a Hadoop Appliance from our supplier to be placed in the Mega Data Centre for processing all of our log files. The order is in, but with all the red tape its going to be a while before it’ll be up and running.

In order for this delay not to impact the project, we’ve been given dispensation to host a small cluster of machines running Cloudera in one of the local server rooms. This will give us our processing capability while we wait for the main appliance to be commissioned.

This week I’ve been installing the corporate approved build of Red Hat onto the old trader spec desktops that we’ve managed to get our hands on. Its basically standard Red Hat Enterprise Server but with some slight modifications made to harden it.

We have bought 3TB disks... read more

Deleting SQL database from the command line

For one reason or another, my SharePoint 2013 development environment became corrupt and the quickest way to get it up and running again was to start a fresh with SharePoint.

The problem I faced was when running the Products and Technologies tool to configure the instance with the existing sites still there, I compounded these problems by being a little brutal in clearing up the previous virtual directories.

The upshot of all this is that I was left with SQL databases that needed clearing up and no desire to sit and wait for Management Studio Express to download and install just to deal with it.

sqlcmd -S .\SharePoint
1> EXEC sp_databases
2> GO
1> DROP DATABASE [WSS_content_guid]
2> GO
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Moving to git pages

Not too long ago I moved my website to a static page structure using Sandra.Snow. At the time, I was aware that it was based on the idea of Jekyll with a Microsoft lilt using Nancy to generate the static files.

As a long time Microsoft user it made sense for me to use this approach rather than fighting with Windows to get a working installation of Ruby and the required dependencies.

Now, with my recent Windows to Linux transition I have the reverse problem. I can no long easily maintain my blog using Sandra.Snow so I’m looking to Jekyll as a solution. The process of using git pages to host the website and the steps for managing the DNS required to get up and running with your own domain name pointing to it are both pretty straight forward. The detailed instructions on github and the... read more

Windows to Linux transition

I sat with my kids while they watched Justin Time (they love it) on New Years day and I started to clear up the disk in my Dell XPS 13. Its a 256GB SSD and while its not tiny it does need a certain about of housekeeping to keep on top of it.

After Dropbox and its bulging photo collection and the Windows 8.1 installation, the biggest bloat was coming from Visual Studio and Office. I also have a couple of Linux Virtual machines and a SharePoint VHD which I boot into to do SharePoint 2013 development.

I had already decided to learn some new languages this year, specifically Clojure and Ruby and also to work on my Python skills. So with this in mind and the frustration of a bloated disk I resolved to make some sweeping changes. Clojure and Ruby setup on Windows is doable, but by all... read more

Refresh Linux mounts after changes made to /etc/fstab

When an update has been made to /etc/fstab the changes won’t immediately and automatically take effect so there is a need to refresh them manually.

This can be done either by rebooting, which is a pain or just use the mount command

mount -a
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