An interesting chain of events happened last week; @thecodejunkie relaunched his blog, I happen to follow his twitter feed and he happened to mention it.

The chain continued, I followed the link to his blog for a look and read the post there, I am back and this time I am taking control, the content struck a chord about claiming back a blog.

My interest was further piqued by my new found use of Azure and the static generation method discussed in the article.

I forked Sandra.Snow on github and plugged away deploying the sample solution and asking questions till I got it working… thanks to @PhillipHaydon for quickly helping me out.

Interestingly enough, the thing I’ve found most enjoyable about the whole process is learning about Markdown… Other than the odd stackoverflow post, I had not had any use for it. Now, I’m sitting on the train with Sublime Text 2 open and I can quickly write my post in relatively clear text, which is awesome!

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