Owen Rumney

Software Engineer

Sleeping responsively

How do you have a long polling mechanism that can be cancelled even during it’s sleep? THis is a question I found myself facing recently with a CLI app that is polling AWS Cloud Watch Let’s say you have a... more

Zero to k3d

I have had an on/off relationship with Kubernetes for a number of years and want to spend some time really getting to know how to use it, run it and secure it. I previously wrote some Anisble playbooks to run... more

Creating minified CSS from SCSS

I am having a baptism of fire with UI development updating a stalled knowledge base at work. One of the entirely new technologies I’m picking up is sass for style sheets; the workflow of compile -> minify seemed clunky and... more

PR Commit Commenting Library

A few weeks ago I wrote tfsec-pr-commenter-action , this is a ready to go Github Action that you can drop into your Terraform code repository and have each PR checked for tfsec security issues. If you don’t know anything about... more

Using the AWS waiter

The AWS SDK provides a number of waiters that allow you to block your code while waiting for a process to complete. One that we make use of in our managed ECS container rollout is the services_stable waiter. This will... more

git alias for concise history

This is pretty short post. H/T to @prokopp for telling me know about this. Git allows you to add aliases in your global config - this is the first one I’ve actually added and all it does is a concise,... more


How it works - www.aws-glossary.info

I recently posted an entry announcing www.aws-glossary.info. In this post I want to cover how it actually works. Basic Architecture The logical diagram below details the basic structure of the application. The core components are; Component Purpose Github Static content... more

Dynamic AWS Glossary

Yesterday I created a scraper for the AWS documentation landing page to give an aws glossary of all of the services that have available documentation. Originally I posted it as a page in this site, I’ve now moved it to... more

AWS EC2 Comparison

When working with EC2 instances, you really want to be right sizing the instance from the outset. With Amazon regularly bringing out new classes of instance it is hard to keep track of what is available now and what the... more

Introducing gitsearch-cli

The first version of gitsearch-cli is now available. This command line interface allows you to search github repositories and users using keywords and (currently) a handful of additional criteria. Installation To install git search you can use pip3 with the... more


There are lots of monitoring and alerting tools out there and I’m sure everyone has there own preference on which they’re going to use. We have selected monit for simple monitoring of disk space, tunnels and processes because its simple... more

Using yum history

I have been setting up a couple of Red Hat boxes and I need to have a cron task to mount a network share from an AD domain, copy the files then dismount. In the past I have successfully accessed... more

DIY Plyo box

Since November 2013 I’ve been working out in my garage with a cross trainer and timed interval training. I did have a membership to Virgin Active, but between my commute, Open University degree and family I just don’t have time... more

Moving to git pages

Not too long ago I moved my website to a static page structure using Sandra.Snow. At the time, I was aware that it was based on the idea of Jekyll with a Microsoft lilt using Nancy to generate the static... more

SharePoint and Office 365

Since starting to use Azure more and more I’ve found myself revisiting suddenly enthused by the web and cloud. I’ve had the obligatory Amazon free tier but done little with it. (I’ve recently talked with Amazon about a project at... more

New blog, new platform

An interesting chain of events happened last week; @thecodejunkie relaunched his blog, I happen to follow his twitter feed and he happened to mention it. The chain continued, I followed the link to his blog for a look and read... more