I have been setting up a couple of Red Hat boxes and I need to have a cron task to mount a network share from an AD domain, copy the files then dismount.

In the past I have successfully accessed the network shares using a given set of credentials but I could not get it to work after install samba-client and samba-common.

My script on the new machine was the same as the script on the working machine so there had to be a discrepency on installed packages, step in yum history.

To get the history of yum commands use

yum history

which will give the output similar to;

yum history output

Thankfully, from the dates I was able to work out the point that I had done the install. From this point you can look at a specific item, for example;

yum history info 57

which will return more information about the command

yum history info for id 57

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