Creating a simple Dockerised Flask App

This post covers the steps to create a simple dockerised flask app to cover some of the basic steps required when creating a REST(ish) service that can be run as a Docker container.

The App

Rather than go with the obvious “Hello, World!” type example, I decided I’d try... read more

Adding retry logic to urllib3 Python code

In this post I’m going to cover the basics of implementing retry logic using urllib3.

There is probably a solid argument saying “why aren’t you just using requests?”, as it happens, requests uses urllib3 and it’s Retry functionality.

For the purposes of this post, lets imagine that we have... read more

Refreshing AWS credentials in Python

In a recent post I covered an using RefreshingAWSCredentials within .NET AWS SDK to solve an issue with the way my current organisation has configured SingleSignOn (SSO) and temporary credentials.

Essentially, the solution involves a background process updating a credenial file then using a time limited AWSCredential object... read more

RefreshingAWSCredentials with .NET

NOTE: I haven’t really written any C# in about 5 years, this code may be a bit crap and using old techniques


Where I am currently working we have Single Sign On for AWS API calls and need to use task accounts to connect and get temporary credentials. To... read more

Generating test data with Faker

Python is one of those languages where if you can concieve it, there is probably already a library for it.

One great library is Faker - this makes the generation of sensible test data much easier and removes a lot of the issues around having to using unrealistic junk values... read more