AWS EC2 Comparison

When working with EC2 instances, you really want to be right sizing the instance from the outset. With Amazon regularly bringing out new classes of instance it is hard to keep track of what is available now and what the characteristics are.

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Bing of the Day revisited

Back in 2014 I wrote an article about borrowing the bing wallpaper to use on my Macbook. Not long after that, I found that I was missing the odd “Bing of the Day” so I decided to run it in the cloud.

This post cover the steps of how... read more

New Year, New Intentions

Last year I managed 3 blog posts so this year my aim is to beat that by at the very least doubling it.

At the end of 2018 I completed my AWS DevOps Engineer - Professional certification, to that end I’m planning to blog a lot more about AWS and... read more

Introducing gitsearch-cli

The first version of gitsearch-cli is now available. This command line interface allows you to search github repositories and users using keywords and (currently) a handful of additional criteria.


To install git search you can use pip3 with the following command;

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Allow connection to dockerised elasticsearch other than localhost

We need to access ElasticSearch in a namespace within minikube and the other Pods can’t connect to 9200. It turns out that from the box its limited to localhost and the property needs updating.

Setting in the elasticsearch.yml configuration file on a docker container will... read more