Replacing an incorrect git commit message

If you have committed some code to git (or in the current case, BitBucket) and you have made an error in the commit message (in the current case, referenced the wrong Jira ticket), all is not lost.

To replace the commit message perform the following actions.

git commit -amend

Change the commit message, in my case;

FOO-1234 - fix the bar
 - add some stuff


FOO-1235 - fix the bar
 - add some stuff

Then all that is required is to do a push with --force

git push --force
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TFL Cycling DataSet - Part 2

Following on from part 1 of this mini series. I’ve got my local environment ready to go and I have pulled down some test data to work with.

The next step is to start having a look at some of the data.

Loading in the data

We know that the data is in csv format so can use the Spark read functionality to bring it in. With the single file in this local environment it’s a case of;

data ='01aJourneyDataExtract10Jan16-23Jan16.csv', header=True, inferSchema=True) for col in data.columns: data = data.withColumnRenamed( col, col.replace(" ", "")) 

This line will create a read more

TFL Cycling DataSet - Part 1

I’m hoping this will be a reasonably accurate account of my play with the TfL Cycling DataSets.

I’m still forming my plan, however loosely I think I want to end up with a visualisation where the bike points are highlighted in over a time series as bikes are taken and returned.

Initially, I’m working on my Mac, but I have a Databricks community cluster that I’ve migrated some of the parts to.

Preparing my Local Env

As I said, I’m using my MacBook so I’m going to install a couple of things

Install Spark

To install spark, I use brew

brew install spark 

Install Jupyter

Installing jupyter notebooks is done with pip

pip install jupyter 

Getting some data

I took a single file from the S3 bucket to play with locally, for no particular... read more

CSV to Markdown table - Sublime Package

Now I’m writing almost all documentation in markdown then using Pandoc to convert it to Mediawiki or docx as required, I needed to finds an easier way to quickly create my tables.

It doesn’t do anything fancy, but I created a sublime package to do the conversion of a csv formatted table into a markdown table.


The following assumptions are made about the csv

  • You’ve got headers in the first row
  • Any empty cells are correctly formatted with commas
  • You don’t have any commas in the values

Creating the Plugin

Creating a new Plugin with Sublime Text 3 is a case of Tools -> Developer -> New Plugin

This will create a new templated file in the User section.

class="highlight">import sublime import sublime_plugin class CsvToMdCommand(sublime_plugin.TextCommand): content = read more

Go routines and channels

I’m having a bit of a dabble with Go, as a by product of working with Elastic Search beats.

One thing I’ve been looking at today is the channels to allow two go routines to communicate with each other and I came up with a fairly cheesy way to play with implementing them.

class="highlight">package main import "fmt" func ping(c chan string) { for { msg := <-c if msg == "pong" { println(" .... " + msg) c <- "ping" } } }read more